The Road Traveled

Rabbi Kevin Hale Shares a Special Journey With His Scribal Mentor

Rabbi Kevin Hale, a trained sofer STaM scribe and member of the Rabbinical Assembly whose work focuses on evaluating and restoring Sifrei Torah, shares a special journey with his scribal mentor:

It is an exquisitely beautiful day in the middle of Elul in Western New England, and I am in my studio, hunkered down over an unusually tall 250-year-old Torah scroll with quill in hand and inkwell safely to one side, quietly calling out the name of each letter to be repaired as I touch pen to parchment. I gaze out the window of my studio where Roberts Meadow Brook feeds into the Mill River over the remains of dams, which 150 years ago powered the mills that made Leeds, Massachusetts, a world-renowned epicenter of the silk industry.  Continue reading »

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