Keeping it Kosher

By Michelle Collins Michelle Collins My first memory of realizing I was different was in elementary school. I attended a public school, and we occasionally had catered lunches. I have a vivid memory of crying at the lunch table because everyone was eating hamburgers and I couldn’t. What a drama queen, amirite? I’m sure I didn’t go hungry that day. I’ve kept kosher my whole life. Even though I grew up in a subur...

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This Purim, Unmask What’s Behind Four of Your Favorite Dishes

Purim celebrates the bravery of a young woman named Esther who was chosen to be the wife of King Ahasuerus of Persia. When the King’s adviser, Haman, persuades him to kill all the Jews in the empire, Queen Esther’s cousin and adopted father, Mordecai, calls on her to use her influence and stop the plan. The tale is told in the Book of Esther, known as the Megillah, and ends with Haman’s hanging and the Jewish people saved...

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