Take This Journey With Us

                               Zion National Park

Life is a journey, an adage that holds powerful truth in its simplicity. A journey may be spiritual, physical or virtual. It may be solo, in pairs or in groups. It may be inside or outside, real or imagined. It may span a moment or a lifetime. And a journey in one direction can unexpectedly lead to a different path altogether. It can even lead up a mountain side to new vistas.

My husband Larry and I recently returned from Zion National Park in Utah. Its name means sanctuary and what a glorious one it is. One Saturday found us climbing a switchback trail up one of the park’s spectacular mountain peaks. “What a Shabbat!” Larry declared. “A different kind of sanctuary, but just as meaningful.”

We are all on a journey from the moment we arrive in this world. It’s what we discover along the way that gives our lives dimension, purpose and fulfillment. Our journeys are fueled by our sense of curiosity, our desire for connection and a search for meaning.

USCJ’s new online magazine, Journeys, has been created to inspire your path. Each issue’s content will seek to energize, stimulate and inspire your connection with this wonderful authentic and dynamic Judaism.

We hope you enjoy it, share it, look forward to it and take this journey with us. Please reach out and let us know what you’d like to see inside future issues.


Margo Gold
USCJ International President

Published November 2018